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Beyond The Sky Kaneohe

Beyond The Sky Kaneohe

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All our professional entertainers carry on in the dance steps of their Father’s and Mothers who were trained by their legendary KUMUS-DANCE INSTRUCTORS from the Islands of Hawaii, Aitutaki – Cook Islands, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji, and New Zealand.

At every staged performance you will witness these energetic casts of young adults dancing with such deep emotions overflowing as they share the love they have for their beautiful Islands and the life of their people. Sharing the drums of the pacific and its island melodies within each special event brings joy that beams through these spectacular Hula dancers overflowing out into all that are in attendance affirming as we watch their expressions change, now so many happy faces full of excited guest.

Our Hula Dancers, Seasoned Musicians, World Title Champion Fire Knife – Nifo Oti Dancers, Drummers, are all independent subcontractors!  On stage they are in colorful authentic Polynesian costumes catching every beat.  These Polynesian entertainers also work as Flight Attendants, Hotel & Airline reservations, photographers, TSA, Dental Hygienist, Hospital intakes, PA’S, Accountants, own small businesses the list is endless. Their educational backgrounds differ in holding of a Bachelor’s in International Affairs, Computer Science, Engineer, Technicians, Plumber, Young moms and dads.  This cast are all our natural born sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, son in law, cousins.   We say in Hawaii calabash family because from baby time we have always been together, or we just say “OHANA”! 

Many of us from HAWAII have carried our dance form into the different nations also sharing our Islands history and our legends.  Most importantly we are hoping for our HULA to be kept in its traditional dance form of times past with its proper hand, foot, hip, head, movements, and gestures.

Our show opens with the fast-beating Tokere drums of Aitutaki Cook Islands where it originated, calling out our Wahine's - Females in their authentic colorful costumes bright blue and purple tree bark skirts swaying to catch every beat. Our Vaka stops in Hawaii next to enjoy our Kane-Men who were the first allowed to HULA before our Royal Courts. Captivated by the beauty of our wahine as they slow their every move down with a Ahuroa. Implements of Pu' ili - split bamboo and the IPU- hallowed out gourds with a distinct sound is something to enjoy. Inviting your guest to participate in learning hula is always so much fun. Traveling to the Island of the long white clouds Aotearoa New Zealand with their ancient protocol of welcoming as our warrior shows off his skill with the Tai'Aha – Spear of the Maori's.   Spinning Poi Ball dance in precision is done. The SASA of Samoa with it slapping chest motions always keep any flying bug away. A lovely medley of Hawaiian songs will weave its way into hearts. Speeding up into a Kaparima of the Cook Island once again.  We will call on your willing guest to participate in catching every beat of one the drums of Aitutaki. Our Nifo Oti Fire Knife performance will light up your night in a blaze.

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