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Show Packages

Let us help you make your special celebration a long lasting memorable one. Birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, retirements, and holidays, no show is too big or small.


Sit back and relax as we take you on a journey through the pacific islands. Our beautiful hula dancers in their authentic attire are graceful as they demonstrate in agility, youth, and skill with their use of handmade implements throughout the numbers.   Our hula dancer will invite people out of the audience to participate in learning a HULA, this is always so much fun for all the guest.  The Nifo Oti-FIRE knife dance has been passed on for generations with added movements of strength, it is always a spectacular sight added to each event.


PLUMERIA Luau Show: 2 Wahines (females) and 1 Kane (male) dancer / Fire Knife dancer / MC

HIBISCUS Luau Show: 3 Wahines (females) and 1 Kane (male) dancer / Fire Knife dancer / MC

ORCHID Luau Show: 4 Wahines (females) and 2 Kane (male) dancer/ Fire Knife / MC

PIKAKE Luau Show: 2 to 5 dancers male and female with live Musicians 

POLYNESIAN SPECTACULAR: 6 + Wahines  (females) / 4 + Kanes (males) / Fire Knife dancer / MC

Our seasoned professional musicians are an added highlight to serenade a huge event before and throughout dinner.


Things to consider before booking your next show...


Venue & Location 

Determining if your event will be indoor or outdoor may play a part in being able to have a fire knife dancer perform at your event. Consider where you will have us perform.   A stage area large enough for the entertainers’ performance.  Provide a dressing room for costume changes close to stage that will be out of audience sight. The professional dancers should have an area where they will be able to perform without footwear that is at a comfortable temperature for their uncovered feet and must be able to walk quickly to and from dressing area.   Grassy areas to dance on are acceptable if it is without thorns, tree debris and ants.



Hula dancer greets each one of your guest or a special guest with a candy or flower lei.  This will take place a half hour for all guest or 15 minutes for a special guest before the show performance.   You may provide your own candy or flower leis at your own expense.

We must have 30 minutes before show to set up the sound system.  Electrical outlets must be provided for our sound system close to the performance area.



Consider how much you'd like to spend on entertainment. Having this in mind will better help us plan your event and make it as spectacular as possible.


Date & Time

Providing an exact date & time will ensure the confirmation of your booking.

You may want to consider starting the entertainment either about an hour after the guests are expected to arrive or an hour after the food is served.

The price range varies depending on show size and travel location.


We offer a variety of shows at your request as diverse as "Kahiko- Ancient to Auana Contemporary, Hapa-Hawaiian English."  Sweet mellow Hawaiian gospels, love songs, to fast upbeat music choice of the breath taking beautiful memorable sites throughtout our islands.


Customize your show package to fit your event and add special touches to your occasion!


- Greet your guests as they arrive with flower leis

- Coconut leaf weaving demonstrations (baskets, visors, fishes, childrens bracelets)

- Lei making demonstrations

- Maori Poi ball demonstrations

- Polynesian style face painting

- Audience participation

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